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Private paparazzi Production is proud producer of  THE ART GALA:
Where Art, Music and Fashion Dance Together.

STEAMPUNK: Keep Moving

Keep Dreaming; Keep Going; Keep Doing.

Kick into gear.
Let it flow.
Got art on your mind?
Let it show!
Splash that paint past the lines; make it gritty.
Free your canvas; make it graffiti.
Keep dreaming; keep going; keep doing!
Like the beauty of all ancient ruins,
Be timeless; be shameless; be bold!
Let’s make art that will never get old.
Belt it out; let your lyrics soar.
Strike that chord… Like an engine, it roars…
Forget rulebooks! Their pages be torn!
Look up: Your idea’s been born…
Fuel it up; pick up speed; let it fly
Past the doubts, past the “no’s”, past the “why’s”.
Keep dreaming; keep going; keep doing.
Keep building up steam and renewing
Your passion for life, for creating.
Let your art out! The whole world is waiting…

 The fourth annual The Art Gala event with the theme “The Art Gala “Steampunk: Keep Moving”  On May 4th, 2019 at Arts Ballroom in Philadelphia, USA.

The Art Gala is where people can celebrate art, fashion, and music. It opens new doors for both the well-knowns and the up-and-comers, giving them a new stage, on which to share their talent and artistic energy.

If you want to make a difference and help create something amazing, please join The Art Gala 2019 Team!

We are looking for Sponsors and unique, talented, and motivated Artists, Performers, Designers, Models, and Volunteers. For more info and to submit your resume, please contact us at:

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