Keep Your Eye on the Prize Documentary Production.

To what extent do you believe that some aspects of life cannot be controlled?… How easy or difficult is it to find reason and positivity even in the darkest of circumstances?

My name is Inna Race, and I am organizing a GoFundMe campaign to support our new project: a documentary, which was inspired by my friend Eve Krieger. She is the picture of unstoppable energy and enthusiasm. She has truly nailed the art of living life to the fullest, particularly having beaten cancer repeatedly over the past 16 years. In the beginning of 2018, Eve has received the message that her journey would be ending soon. She has accepted the fact but refuses to wallow in self-pity and grief. Her life story, as well as a story of my other friend’s daughter, who was diagnosed with a devastating disease just a month before her long-awaited dream wedding has inspired me to create a documentary with the purpose of helping others try and find the possible reason for whatever crisis he/she is going through. This project aims to seek out the positive result and/or lesson in the negative scenario.

How important is it for people to balance a sense of reality with a sense of hope?

It is not coincidence that our first day of shooting was planned for June 5th, 2018, it was Time…
Eve’s story is more than an inspiration: It is a motto. In light of the recent suicides (Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain…) the issue of mental health and depression is hitting ever closer to home. We intend, with utmost compassion and sincerity, to help others find, and hold on to, every ounce of positivity and strength to continue making the most of their support systems (family, friends, spouse/partner, peers, and others). Eve has showed me, again and again, that every bit of positivity and joy in life is worth it. With your support, my team and I would like to help others tune into their inner good and inner calm.Private Paparazzi Productions team in collaboration with a Photo Art Star is looking for your support in production of this movie. We have so many great people to talk to, so many inspirational stories to tell. We are in need of funds to cover the rental cost of production equipment and travel expenses.
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Let’s try together to touch as many lives as possible.
Love And Light.

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