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The Art Gala “Steampunk: Keep Moving” Talent Call:
Call for Designers, Artists, Performers, Models for The Art Gala 2019!

Keep dreaming; keep going; keep doing!

Like the beauty of all ancient ruins,
Be timeless; be shameless; be bold!
Let’s make art that will never get old”.

You are invited to take part in a great opportunity to support The Art Gala – an annual fundraising event benefiting the Talent and Art Community.

If you would like to showcase your talent during our fashion exhibition with this year’s theme being “STEAMPUNK: Keep Moving” with an emphasis on Innovative Thinking, please submit your CV and portfolio to: by March 13th, 2019

The Auditions will be held on March 13th* at 5:30pm at Arts Ballroom:

1324 Locust St, Philadelphia, PA 19107.
Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates. 

A Mandatory Dress Rehearsal on April 10th* at 5:30 pm at the Arts Ballroom in Philadelphia, USA.

Please make sure you are camera ready for closeup: we will be recording our

Please make sure you are camera ready for closeup: we will be recording our “I am The Art Gala” video.

For all the details please visit

* Please note: Upon entry to any Private Paparazzi Production event, permission to be video/ photographed will be considered given. Follow our social media for some updates.